Odisha Legislative Assembly (File Photo)
Odisha Legislative Assembly (File Photo)
Bhubaneswar: Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik slammed Opposition Congress on Thursday for its failure to keep its commitment on the food security front.

Opposition Congress in its manifesto during 2009 general elections, had promised that it would guarantee access to sufficient food to all people, particularly to the most-vulnerable sections of the society living below poverty line by providing them 25 kg of rice or wheat per month at Rs 3 per kg.

Recalling the Congress manifesto, Naveen asked, “What happened to your promise even after three years?”

Ridiculed over Naveen’s allegation, Opposition leader Bhupinder Singh criticised the State Government for providing only 25 kgs of rice per BPL family when the Centre is providing 35 kgs of rice per family.

Responding to the query of Singh, Naveen said that the Centre is providing subsidised rice for 32 lakh families but the State Government is distributing it among 42 lakh families. If the Centre allots full quota, all the BPL families will get 35 kg of rice every month.

“It will greatly be appreciated if the Leader of Opposition takes up this cause of the State with his masters in Delhi,” Naveen said with sarcasm.