Finance Minister Prafulla Ghadei
Bhubaneswar: The Opposition strongly criticized the ruling party for the hike in VAT when there is a surplus State Budget.

The opposition accused the Govt. of ditching the public after giving many assurances to the public during Panchayat Poll. According to Opposition there was no need to hike VAT as the budget is showing surplus revenue of 2,410 crore rupees. By increasing the Value Added Tax (VAT) the Opposition accused the Govt. of helping the traders and industrial houses who funded them during the recent Panchayat Poll. If the hike was inevitable then why Govt. not declared this during the winter session of the assembly. Opposition asked the Govt. to roll back the hike in VAT immediately.

Defending to the statements of Opposition, Finance Minister, Prafulla Ghadei said that the marginal hike will not affect the common people. He also added that all states, except West Bengal and Kerela, have already raised VAT in their respective States. This is in accordance with the decision of the center to bring uniformity in taxation.