Tribal Lady in Traditional Outfit
Bhubaneswar: Following the recent controversy regarding tribal tourism, the State Government has imposed strict measures on the visit of foreign tourists and researchers to the tribal areas.

The State Government has imposed regulations on the visit of foreign tourists to the location where primitive tribal communities such as Bonda, Dongaria Kandhas and other such communities live. If any tourist or researcher wants to visit these communities then he has to take a written permission from District Magistrate. The permission can be applied from the District Magistrate through the District Tourist Officer. A copy of the same will be sent to the local police station.

The permitted visitors can interact with tribal community in the presence of govt approved tribal guides. Visitors can not enter into the house of the tribal nor they can stay in the tribal village during the night. They can not take pictures or videos of the tribal people. No entertainment program can be performed by the tribal for the visitors.

If the visitors or tour operator violate any of these rules then they can be arrested by the police and criminal cases can be lodged against them.