A Class 'X' Solar Flare, Largest Solar Flare Occurred since 2004
Washington: A massive burst of charged particles from the surface of sun has created the largest solar flare in last five years. The charged particles are travelling towards us at a speed of 600 miles per second.

This flare is categorized as a ‘X’ class flare and is ten times more powerful than normal solar wind. Scientists believe that the region that caused this burst of charged particles can still produce more such solar flares. This region of the sun named as region 1429 has already generated two M-Class and one X-Class solar flare.

Solar Activities intensify in every 11 years and this time the solar peak activity will occur next year. So we may expect more of such solar storms or perhaps much more severe ones in the next year when the sun will reach Solar Maximum.

Solar storms have the capability to disrupt our technologies with magnetic, radio and radiation emissions. It can disrupt our GPS technology, transmission of electricity, satellites can be affected so there will be communication disturbances, extra protection to be needed to protect astronauts in space from higher radiation level. The famous northern lights can be visible to countries at lower altitudes like UK or perhaps France.