Inspection of Illegal Encroachment of Jagannath Temple by the order of State High Court
Puri: A high level inspection committee on request of High Court inspected the illegally constructions adjacent to Sri Jagannath Mandir, Puri. These illegal constructions are increasing the danger to the main gate “Singha Dwara” of the temple. The repair work of Singha Dwara has been suspended due to the stay order of the State High Court.

According to old records of 1805AD “Chauni Matha” was a thatched house to the right of the Singha Dwara and there was no sign of current Health Center of Pratihari Nijoga, Nirmalya Shops and Bada Chata Matha. These illegal constructions are endangering the very existence of Singha Dwara. When the Local Government tried to clear these illegal constructions both Chauni Matha and Bada Chata Matha got the stay order from The State High Court forcing the repair work of Sigha Dwara to a stop.

To investigate this issue a three member inspection team inspected the disputed site in the presence of Puri District Magistrate Mr.Arbind Agarwal, Police SP MR.Anup Kumar Sahoo and Senior Administrative Officials from Sri Jagannath Temple.