Social Networking Major, Facebook
Social Networking Major, Facebook
Mumbai: Stating that Facebook is conscious about the content it uploads, the social networking site’s Vice President for Global Marketing Solutions Carolyn Everson said it strives to operate according to the feedback of the various communities it functions in.

“We would say we are one percent along in our journey and are always open to partnerships,” she said.

Terming Facebook as an effective tool for brand promotion, Everson said that it has changed the way an entire generation of people across the globe communicates.

“The Facebook Timeline can be considered a digital container where one can capture a person’s or brand’s entire life span in photos, notes and videos,” she said while speaking at a session at the 13th edition of the three-day global convention FICCI-FRAMES 2012.

“With the introduction of the Timeline, Facebook now enables people and brands to have a more expressive and visual online identity,” she added.

As of December 2011 Facebook had a reported 845 million users all over the world. Having been on the scene for the past eight years, the social media website has seen a lot of changes the latest being the Facebook Timeline. Earlier a Facebook profile consisted of the individual’s personal information, photographs and interests, among others.

Everson said that along with the Timeline, Facebook has also adopted the opengraph technology which enables seamless sharing on multiple media.

“As a result the site tied up with the Washington Post in the US and introduced the Washington Post reader application. In a matter of eight weeks the application’s readership exceeded the readership of the regular print copy. In India a similar tie up is seen with CNN,” she said.

Everson said that news is just one aspect of media and entertainment that Facebook has partnered. “The other fields include music (Spotify and Saavn), gaming (Zynga) and films,” she added.

“In the US a new film does not release without significant campaign or presence on Facebook. Now Facebook allows integration on large scale across media like TV, rint and phones which helps accessibility,” she pointed out.

Speaking about the success of Facebook, Everson said that site’s psyche is based on an anthropological study. “Throughout history people have existed in communities. These communities have varied from 130 to 140 individuals over time. Interestingly, this corresponds to the average number of friends a Facebook user has,” she said.

“It draws from the basic instinct of humans to co-exist in communities, have networks and seek recommendations by friends and peers,” she added.

When it comes to marketing and branding, Everson emphasised that Facebook poses an opportunity for consumer interaction and allows brands to open up a two way channel for communication and actually listen to it TG.

Everson also pointed out that the world is now moving from “ads” to “stories” and that 800 million brands have shifted to the new timeline. (IANS)