Phantom Litter Man
Phantom Litter Man
London: A small town in Britain is being helped by a superhero – the “Phantom Litter Man”. Wearing a mask and a black cape emblazoned with his name, the man cleans out the litter and disappears.

The “superhero” has taken to the streets of Hessle in East Yorkshire, The Sun reported.

But when grateful residents try to speak to him, he disappears.

“On numerous occasions, I’ve seen a man with a mask on dragging a black bin liner clearing the walkways and sweeping the gullies of Hessle. I have approached him on a few occasions but most of the time, he sprints off,” said shop owner Howard Jennings.

“I’ve asked him his name but he wishes to remain anonymous, as he says he read a news story where someone was fined for picking litter without a licence. He feels it is his spiritual duty to clear up the litter – he is a true hero of Hessle,” he said.

Source: IANS