IT Major Google Inc.
IT Major Google Inc.
New Delhi: According to Google, around 3 percent of India’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) can be attributed to internet.

Speaking Friday at the India Today Conclave, head of Google India, Rajan Anandan, claimed that despite the underdeveloped internet infrastructure in India, “3.2 percent of the GDP is due to internet”.

Anandan was speaking at a session titled ‘Who will win the web’. With him was Kirthiga Reddy, country head for Facebook. The two internet giants are in competition to dominate internet.

Hailing the consumers as the ultimate winners of the internet wars, Anandan said it was futile to argue which company would emerge the winner in an environment where “there are new players every five years”.

According to Anandan, mobile internet, video content, social networking and e-commerce were the four biggest trends in the digital world, especially in India.

“I expect mobile internet users to cross the 1 billion mark in four years, out of which 200 million will be from India.”

Earlier, Reddy showcased how Facebook, and social networking in general, was changing the way how people communicate.

“Examples such as Saavn, an online music site, and closer home, Delhi Traffic Police, that have been able to tap into the power of social networking, have grown exponentially,” she said.

Both Delhi Traffic Police and Saavn use Facebook to target and interact with people.

Source: IANS