Kofi Annan, United Nations and Arab League envoy to Syria (Photo: Wikipedia)
Kofi Annan, United Nations and Arab League envoy to Syria (Photo: Wikipedia)
United Nations: Kofi Annan, the joint special envoy of the UN and the Arab League on the Syrian crisis, said Friday that he has urged the UN Security Council to exhibit unity in its attempt to put an end to Syrian violence and political crisis.

The former UN secretary-general’s statement came as he addressed the press after briefing the UN Security Council here via video conference as it met on the Middle East Friday, Xinhua reported.

“I shared with them the consultations I held in the region and the calls I have been making around the world to ensure that there is strong support for the mission and we all agree on one mediation process,” said Annan. “And I encouraged the Council to speak with one voice as we try to resolve the crisis in Syria.”

According to the special envoy, the council showed “very strong support” for his mission and that council members seemed determined to work together.

“There have been some differences but that is also normal, and I hope pretty soon you will be hearing one voice from the council,” he said.

Shortly after Annan briefed the 15-nation Security Council, Syria said that Damascus will work hard to make Annan’s mediation mission “successful.”

Annan arrived in the Syrian capital March 10 and held talks with President Bashar al-Assad and Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem as well as members of the Syrian opposition, and individuals from civil society and business and religious communities.

Annan has offered proposals to Assad and the Syrian government on several important points.

Source: IANS