London: Victims of food poisoning may develop a host of lengthy illnesses, including diabetes, arthritis, kidney failure and high blood pressure, experts say.

Salmonella, E coli and other types of food poisoning may have lifelong consequences, the Daily Mail reported.

Some, such as kidney damage thought to be caused by powerful poisons released by the bugs and arthritis triggered by a faulty immune response, occur within weeks. Others, such as high blood pressure, take years to appear.

Experts say the chance that the link is coincidental is remote – and are calling for more to be done to identify victims of food poisoning and monitor their long-term health.

Common bugs are E coli, usually caught from eating undercooked beef, campylobacter, found in undercooked chicken and salmonella, found in eggs, meat and milk. While they can be fatal, most people recover after a few days, the Mail added.

Source: IANS