Bhubaneswar: A day after the Orissa Electricity Regulatory Commission (OERC) declared hike in power tarrif for the financial year 2012-13, which will be implemented from the 1st of April, the capital city witnessed an unscheduled power cut.

Although, the State was facing power crisis for more than 6 months because of hydro condition in reserviors but there was no such alarming power cut in the city. However, the Central Electricity Supply Unit (CESU), resorted to massive power cuts much to the annoyance of the residents.

CESU attributed technical default to be the cause of the power cut. But sources in State Load Despatch Centre (SLDC) said, the power cut is because of the deficit of power of about 1,000 MW. While the present demand at the peak hours is 3,300 MW, the availability is about 2,400 MW.

However, according to a senior government official, “Scheduled power regulation has to be approved and notified by the State Government. Since the Government has not taken a decision on power regulation, the distribution companies have resorted to unscheduled load shedding”.

According to sources, the Gridco and other distribution companies were instructed to minimize power cut during the Panchayat poll which continued even after the election in the view of the HSC exams. But as the exams were postponed, it provided an opportunity to Gridco for power rationing. Apart from this, the hefty hike in the power tariff is also another reason behind such irregularities, sources said.

Source: 360 NS