Paradeep: The Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative Limited (IFFCO) has welcomed the decision of the Centre to decontrol fertilizer industry and give direct subsidy to the farmers.

Being one of the biggest cooperative institutions in India, IFFCO is of the view that the members of the Fertiliser Industry who do not support the Centre’s’ move to transfer fertiliser subsidy directly to farmers, wants the subsidy to be routed through the manufacturers only will only benefit a few. So being a responsible fraternity, the fertiliser industry should not have a myopic view on the issue and look at the issue from every angle.

IFFCO has been advocating payment of direct subsidy to farmers as an alternative to the present scenario. It has been trying to draw attention of the all concerned to the depleting soil health and need to use restore the secondary and micro nutrient status of soil. IFFCO has been advocating this cause and has presented papers on the status of different soils in the country. IFFCO took the lead in this direction and has been emphasizing that subsidy should be disbursed directly to the farmers instead of routing the same through the manufacturers.

The entire transfer of subsidy to farmers is a step by step process which includes the phase wise implementation of processes. The implementation of Phase-II of the Subsidy Disbursement Scheme through retail outlets is a vital intermediate step for the implementation of Phase-III, where it is passed to the farmer. Most of the issues related to disbursement through retailers will in any case also be involved in Direct Transfer of subsidy to the farmers in Phase-III and need to be sorted out by way of implementation of Phase-II before going forward to Phase-III in order to have smooth transition and any hindrance in implementation to this intermedient phase-II will impact the implementation of Phase-III.

IFFCO is a staunch supporter of farmers directly getting subsidies and any opposition to the Phase-II of the subsidy disbursement scheme worked out by Task force on Direct Transfer of Susbsidies under Nandan Nilekani is condemnable, an IFFCO press release informed.