A glass of Cola (Photo: Wikipedia)
A glass of Cola (Photo: Wikipedia)
Sydney: Children who consume soft drinks daily had narrow arteries at the back of their eyes, which could increase their chances of heart disease and high blood pressure in later life, says a study.

By examining the back of the eyes researchers could see the health of a person’s entire blood vessel system.

Researchers from Westmead Millennium Institute for Medical Research, the University of Sydney, found that these children consuming one of more soft drinks daily, had narrower arteries in the back of their eyes.

The study looked at around 2,000 12-year-old children in 21 high schools in Sydney, and is an extension of a study that last year found similar damage to children who watch too much TV. The damage does not affect their vision, said a university statement.

“Children with a high consumption of soft drinks and carbohydrates had a more adverse microvascular profile compared to those who did not drink so many soft drinks or eat so many carbs,” said Bamini Gopinath, senior research fellow at the Centre for Vision Research at the Millennium Institute, who led the study.

Source: IANS