London: Taller women are more vulnerable to ovarian cancer than their shorter counterparts, says new research based on a review of 47 studies, involving more than 100,000 females.

Every two inches in height increased the odds of developing the disease by seven percent. Tall women could simply have more cells that can become cancerous, the study said.

The finding holds true even when other factors such as age and use of the pill were taken into account, the journal Public Library of Science-Medicine reported.

Researchers also found that the disease was more common in overweight women, according to the Daily Mail.

Paul Pharoah, Cambridge University cancer expert, said while the analysis was valid, the impact on individual women would be small.

With women in the Western world gradually getting taller as well as fatter, it is important to make the link.

But others urged tall women not to worry, saying their overall odds of developing the disease were still small.

Ovarian cancer is the fifth most common cancer in women, with more 6,500 cases diagnosed each year in Britain.

Source: IANS