Mumbai: Singer-composer Toshi Sabri and his brother Sharib have worked on a new, 21 minute song for the movie “Mastaan”, which brings together father-son Naseerudin Shah and Vivaan.

The love song, titled “Mora man mane na”, took seven days of non-stop singing and recording at Toshi’s Sound Of Music studio in Versova Mumbai. So far the song’s scratch version has been done by dummy voices.

However, Toshi intends to get the legendary Lata Mangeshkar to sing the 21-minute song, perhaps the longest ever in Bollywood.

“We never set out to create such a long song. We just set out on a journey on an unknown highway where our protagonist needed to make a self-searching voyage through his heart,” said Toshi.

“My brother and I just went on recording without counting the minutes. It’s turned into a 21-minute song,” he added.

Toshi and Sharib, who hail from a musical family in Rajasthan, were noticed in music reality shows on the small screen. Toshi says he has gone through rough times.

“It hasn’t been an easy journey for me. I’ve gone through two near brushes with death. I was attacked by hoodlums and then I was in a road accident.

“I guess God wanted me to go through those life-changing experiences so that one day I could create something that would redefine a film song,” he said.

Source: IANS