Southern superstar Mohanlal in Priyadarshan's 'Tezz' (Photo: IANS)
Southern superstar Mohanlal in Priyadarshan's 'Tezz' (Photo: IANS)
Mumbai: A lot of southern Indian actors may be making their way to Bollywood but veteran actor Mohanlal is happy doing Hindi films only once in a while and says he agrees to only “irresistible” roles.

The actor, who has dedicated over three decades to the Malayalam film industry, made his Bollywood debut with Ram Gopal Varma’s “Company” in 2002. He was later seen in Varma’s “Aag” and will now be seen in a cameo in Priyadarshan’s “Tezz”.

Despite many offers, Mohanlal wanted to be selective and to choose good roles.

” ‘Company’ was an irresistible role for me. A couple of (Bollywood) scripts came to me after that, but I didn’t find anything interesting. For an actor to get a good role is a blessing,” Mohanlal told reporters in an interaction.

While many young southern actors like Rana Daggubati, Ram Charan Teja, Dhanush and Siddharth are making a mark in Bollywood, Mohanlal is content where he is.

“I am not a newcomer! I have been in this industry for so long. What should I prove? I am happy with my own language. Now if I get a very irresistible role I will try it. I don’t want to prove anything.

“Others from the south who are settling in Bollywood are newcomers. They want to do Hindi films for various factors,” the 51-year-old said.

He says he agreed to “Tezz” only for his filmmaker friend Priyadarshan, with whom he has done 42 films in the past.

” ‘Company’ was enough for me. With this particular film ‘Tezz’, Priyadarshan is my key factor… not my role or anything,” he clarified.

Mohanlal says he will be seen as a cop in his cameo in “Tezz”.

“I am playing a police officer. It’s a small role, but the placement of the role is very critical in the film. This is one of Priyadarshan’s best films. Action, choreography … everything is brilliant,” said the actor.

He says Priyadarshan, a Padma Shri awardee, knows how to use or handle every artist.

“He has made more than 84 films. He has grown a lot. He is thorough with his job. His way of making a film, his way of taking a song and choreographing it is entirely different,” Mohanlal said.

“Most of the actors are comfortable doing Priyadarshan’s film. He knows how to use or handle an artist. He is one of the greatest directors I know and of course he is my friend,” he added.

“Tezz” will release April 27.

Produced by Ratan Jain, the action drama features Ajay Devgn, Kangna Ranaut, Anil Kapoor and Sameera Reddy in key roles.