New Delhi: India and Kuwait Monday signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on bilateral medical cooperation to boost healthcare, a government statement said.

“The union health secretary P.K. Pradhan, on behalf of Government of India, signed an MoU with the State of Kuwait on Medical Cooperation. Ibrahim Alabdelhadi on behalf of the Ministry of Health, Government of Kuwait,” the statement said.

While there is a considerable number of nurses and doctors employed in Kuwait, the pact aims at laying down institutional framework for developing medical cooperation between the two countries.

“The MoU provides for degree and other qualifications issued by Institutions in respect of medicine (including traditional medicine), nursing, medical technicians and paramedical recognised by government bodies will be treated at par by the ministry of health of Kuwait for appropriate job placements & benefits,” it said.

The MoU also provides for appropriate training to Kuwaiti doctors in centers of excellence in the field of traditional and modern medicine and allied health specialities in India. It lists provisions for treatment of Kuwaiti patients in the approved specialized Indian hospitals and encouraging medical tourism.

“Set up a joint working group (JWG) to further elaborate the details of cooperation and to oversee the implementation of this MoU. The JWG will meet not more than once a year or as agreed upon,” it added.

Source: IANS