Anchors Gaurav Chopra, Sushant Singh along with Kiran Bedi (Photo: IANS)
Anchors Gaurav Chopra, Sushant Singh along with Kiran Bedi (Photo: IANS)
New Delhi: Crime shows like “CID” and “Crime Patrol” have caught the fancy of the audience for years, and the latest to join the list is “Savdhan India”, which aims at making people aware of how a criminal mind functions. Retired police officer Kiran Bedi says such an initiative was much needed.

It is a well timed and much needed initiative and it is shocking, while at the same time it drives the message home, Bedi, a former Indian Police Service officer, said in a statement.

“Through initiatives like these, the TV channels can showcase a variety of situations, solutions and alternatives for people when dealing with crime,” she added.

Bedi feels communities can come together and assist in reporting and handling crime by being more sensitive and aware of what goes on around them.

Hosted by Gaurav Chopra and Sushant Singh, the Life OK show will narrate real-life crime stories that have made it difficult for women to step out in the dark, for parents to send children to school without fear of abuse, and for senior citizens unthinkable to retire in peace.

“We believe our families are everything and without them there’s no fun in life. The best gift we can give to our viewers is to equip them with knowledge on how to safeguard oneself. The gift of family is what we want to share,” said Ajit Thakur, general manager, Life OK channel.

Source: IANS