Romeo and Juliet The Symbol of Love, Source: Wikipedia
Romeo and Juliet The Symbol of Love, Source: Wikipedia
London: Women from Ireland are the least satisfied in Europe with their sex life, says a study of the sex habits of girls across the European Union.

A massive seven out of 10 Irish women say they are not satisfied with their night-time sexual activity, The Sun reported citing the study by Women’s Health magazine.

Irish women are also the busiest in bed among European countries. A whopping 42 percent have sex more than three times a week.
Their perfect time for sex is said to be 11 p.m. on a Saturday night.

The study of 1,000 females was conducted to find out the truth behind European women’s sex lives and the difference in sexual appetites.

It found that women from Scotland were more sexually satisfied.

After Irish women, Londoners and Welsh women have the most sex. One-third of women from these two regions have sex three times a week.

Having sex outdoors was labelled the “most exciting” way — with 40 percent. It was followed by sex at work and on the beach.

But not all the 1,000 women polled seek such naughty sexual thrills, with 28 percent saying the only place they had sex was at home.

Source: IANS