Petrol price hiked
Petrol price hiked
New Delhi:State owned oil firms have announced to increase petrol prices by Rs 6.28 per litre, which will be in effect from midnight.

State-owned oil firms said they will raise petrol price by Rs 6.28 per litre excluding local sales tax or VAT.

Among the taxes levied is sales tax, which varies between 15 percent and 33 percent in various states.

Following the hike, Petrol in Delhi which currently costs Rs 65.64 a litre will be priced at Rs 73.18 per litre. In Mumbai, the petrol now costs Rs 70.66 but after midnight it will go up to Rs 78.57. In Kolkata petrol will now cost Rs 77.88 and Chennai will see a steep hike from Rs 69.55 to Rs 77.53.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has reacted strongly against the steep hike in the petrol price, saying it was “atrocious” and stressed that there was no justification for the step and has criticized the Government.

As said by Prakash Javadekar, senior BJP leader, “It’s atrocious and unbelievable. The UPA Government on its third anniversary has given the gift of fuel hike to the people.”

“This is injustice and there is no justification for this,” he added.

Meanwhile, Congress’ Rashid Alvi said his party had nothing to do with the hike and neither did the government that it led. “Global prices are up and the oil companies take their own decisions after petrol deregulation. India is part of the world and so it is effected too,” Mr Alvi said.

Source: 360 NS