Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin (Source: Wikipedia)
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin (Source: Wikipedia)
Moscow: President Vladimir Putin has said that Russia will spend 2.5 percent of its GDP to boost scientific research, a plan which will see scientists contributing to the modernisation of the country’s military, RIA Novosti reported.

Speaking at a meeting at the Russian Academy of Sciences here Tuesday, Putin said the research could “increase Russia’s defence capabilities”.

“We intend to actively involve research organisations and universities… in our plans to modernise the military,” said the Russian president without giving any time frame for when the funding is expected to increase.

He said Russia needed “a system of long-term scientific, technological and defence forecasting”.

“The world has entered a period of global turbulence, new geopolitical centres are being formed, social and demographic trends are changing,” said Putin, adding that “all of these processes need a very in-depth examination”.

Source: IANS