Yahoo logo (Source: Wikipedia)
Yahoo logo (Source: Wikipedia)
London: Yahoo has entered the browser wars with the release of an iPad and iPhone app and a desktop plug-in that spruces up your current browser, Daily Mail reported Thursday.

The PC world is dominated by Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome, as well as Safari on the Mac, and rather than try to break this stranglehold, Yahoo has created a plug-in that installs into these browsers and brings a new visual style to the table.

Once Yahoo Axis is installed, users get a search-box at the bottom-left of their browser, and when you type a query in, thumbnails pop up along the bottom, giving you an at-a-glance look at your potential destinations.

Bookmarks also get the visual flavour – similar to the home-screen of Chrome or the way most smartphones display your shortcuts.

If you are sporting an iPad or iPhone, Axis will also sync with your desktop browser, meaning a browsing session can be picked up seamlessly where you left off, the newspaper added.

Source: IANS