Chinese PC giant Lenovo
Chinese PC giant Lenovo
New York: Chinese PC giant Lenovo has unveiled a new generation of light-weight ThinkPads at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

In an event to celebrate its 20th anniversary since its founding, Lenovo showcased the ThinkPad X 1 Carbon, which weighs less than three pounds, reported Xinhua.

The computer, which will go on market later this month, also features an eight-hour-long battery life and 3G mobile broadband technology.

“It meets the demand for an extremely thin and light laptop with the performance users need to accomplish their professional and business goals,” said Peter Hortensius, president of Lenovo’s Think Product Group.

Dilip Bhatia, vice president of the ThinkPad Business Unit, also presented a 21mm TU430u model, which will cost under $800.

As a special guest at the event, US astronaut Rick Searfoss described his experience using Chinese-made ThinkPads on one of his space missions.

Headquartered in Beijing and North Carolina, Lenovo has a revenue of about $30 billion and runs business in 160 countries.

Source: IANS