Sandeep Malani's movie 'Janleva 555'
Sandeep Malani’s movie ‘Janleva 555’
New Delhi: Music and horror genre are an evergreen match in Bollywood and director Sandeep Malani’s forthcoming film “Janleva 555” promises a perfect blend of both.

Produced by Kalpna Pandit, the romantic musical mystery thriller explores two different eras with a gap of 555 years.

Releasing Oct 19, the movie is said to be full of nail-biting moments as it has also used real cobras to make it more edgy. It has an ensemble cast with veteran actor Anant Nag, Kalpna Pandit and a streak of newcomers like Akash Hora, Anant Joshi, Abrar Zahoor, Mann Hora, Ranjeet Jha and Vaseem, among others.

With music by international group Stone Soup Soldiers and Padula Tigers, the movie has 13 songs.

Source: IANS