Street magicians perform in London during the Olympic torch relay (Photo: IANS)London: British children are not keen on spending their holidays on expensive activities like riding roller-coasters or eating at fast-food stands. They are just happy climbing trees or playing hide and seek, says a study.

According to an index compiled by Sainsbury’s, the top three activities in terms of pleasure versus cost were playing in the garden or park, water fights or building a den, the Daily Mail reported.

Other simple pleasures such as having a water fight, playing in the park, feeding the ducks, berry picking and eating ice-cream also featured in the top 10.

More expensive activities like trips to the zoo or theme parks were much lower on the list.

Children aged five to 11 were asked to rank their favourite holiday activities based on how much fun it is, how happy it makes them feel and how special and memorable it is.

The results were then tallied with their costs.

Source: IANS