New Delhi: The government Friday banned bulk SMS and MMS messages for 15 days in view of the exodus of people from the northeast from cities like Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad following rumours that they would be attacked.

“We will detect those who are spreading rumours. Those responsible for the exodus from Bangalore will not go scot free,” union Home Secretary R.K. Singh told reporters here.

He said the situation in Bangalore was in control after security forces had been deployed and authorities held meetings with people from the northeast and minorities.

“The police commissioner and the chief minister said northeastern people are safe in Bangalore… and after the meeting, people have stopped leaving the city,” he said.

Referring to the situation in Assam, he said two minor incidents had taken place. “These were isolated incidents. The situation is fully under control in Assam and you cannot call them fresh violence. We need to investigate these matters.”

Wild rumours have been spreading that people from the northeast region would be attacked after Eid Aug 20 to avenge the recent ethnic violence in Assam, in which more than 74 people were killed.

The rumours have caused over 5,000 students from northeast fleeing to Guwahati from Bangalore by special trains till late Wednesday.

Source: IANS