Singer Suraj Jagan (Photo: Wikipedia)
Singer Suraj Jagan (Photo: Wikipedia)
New Delhi: Singer Suraj Jagan says having contacts in the industry helps getting an easy entry, but to stay put, it is important to prove your mettle.

“Having some contacts and knowing people who can help open doors for you, helps a lot. But once you get inside the industry, you have to work very hard to prove yourself and to make a loyal audience for yourself,” Jagan told IANS.

“Whether you are an actor or singer, a godfather can just get you in through the door a little easier,” he added.

He has lent voice to more than 200 jingles including the “You and I in this beautiful world”, and is known for singing numbers like “Give me some sunshine”, “Sadka kiya” and “Aafaton ke parinde”.

Source: IANS