Congress president Sonia Gandhi (Photo: Wikipedia)
Congress president Sonia Gandhi (Photo: Wikipedia)
New Delhi: Congress president Sonia Gandhi Tuesday asked party MPs to take the Bharatiya Janata Party head on and said it was a “matter of shame and regret” that the BJP was not allowing parliament to function.

“Creating confusion in the minds of people has become bread and butter of the BJP,” a Congress insider quoted Gandhi as telling the Congress parliamentary meeting.

She also said that disruption has become a day-to-day affair of the BJP, the Congress source told IANS.

“When serious issues are affecting the country, it is a matter of shame and regret that parliament is not allowed to function by the BJP which is absolutely irresponsible,” Congress general secretary Janardan Dwivedi said, quoting Gandhi.

He was speaking to reporters after the Congress meeting.

She also said that not letting parliament function was the handiwork of one opposition party, particularly the BJP, that had scant respect for democratic values.

Quoting Gandhi, Dwivedi said: “I have already said that prime minister and the government are ready to debate and discuss the CAG report. The BJP is mocking the people of this country.”

The BJP has been disrupting both houses of parliament for the last six days over its insistence that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh should resign after the official auditor pointed out irregularities in coal block allocations.

Source: IANS