Lokpal Bill
Lokpal Bill
New Delhi: Bringing further delay to the passage of the anti-graft Lokpal bill, the term of the select committee of Rajya Sabha, which is looking into the bill was given an extension Friday. The committee will now submit its report in the winter session.

The select committee was formed in May this year, during the budget session, to look into the bill after the opposition raised objections over the format of this legislation as passed by the Lok Sabha.

The committee was supposed to submit its report by the last week of the monsoon session, which begins Monday. Amidst the din of BJP’s demand for Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s resignation, the extension was granted to the committee through voice vote.

The report will now be given on the last day of the first week of the winter session.

Asked if the select committee will finally submit its report in the winter session, committee member Ram Gopal Yadav said “I hope so”.

When asked about the reason behind seeking extension, Yadav said: “Lot of work is remaining. Many more examinations need to be done. More people need to be talked to.”

The monsoon session is to end Sep 7.

Source: IANS