Watching TV
Watching TV
London: A study by US researchers has revealed watching a favourite programme’s repeat telecast could actually strengthen one’s will power and sense of self control.

According to researchers at the University of Buffalo, people had boosted will power and self control after watching a favourite show.

People even performed better on puzzles after settling down in front of an episode they had seen several times before.

“When you watch a favourite re-run, you typically don’t have to use any effort to control what you are thinking, saying or doing,” said lead researcher Jaye Derrick.

“You are not exerting the mental energy required for self-control or willpower. At the same time, you are enjoying your ‘interaction’, with the TV show’s characters, and this activity restores your energy,” she said.

Watching a rerun of a favourite TV show may help restore the drive to get things done among people who have used up their reserves of willpower or self-control, Derrick added.

Source: IANS