Designer Anuradha Ramam forays into jewellery (Photo: IANS)
Designer Anuradha Ramam forays into jewellery (Photo: IANS)
New Delhi: She is known as textile revivalist and now Anuradha Ramam ventures into silver jewellery designing and says her first ever collection is inspired by ruined monuments of Gujarat and West Bengal.

“My debut collection is inspired from my travels to lot of ruins and old abandoned havelis, villas and monuments of Jaipur (Rajasthan), Gujarat and West Bengal. I have used old silver to capture the essence of bygone era. By putting a lot of pieces together, I have created one individual piece,” Ramam told IANS.

Each jewellery item of her’s has a story to tell. For instance, one piece is inspired from a 15-year-old tribal girl from Odisha who made a most beautiful flower rangoli.

“It was very fascinating to see that show. She created a vibrant rangoli with limited flowers and colour. So every piece tells a story. They are handmade and exclusive,” she added.

The designer has come up with elegant neck pieces, earrings and rings.

“This is my first collection where I am fusing my design and colour aesthetic with silver. I have created a couple of neck pieces which are very, very contemporary but steeped in ethnicity. These pieces are very practical and can be worn to work, family function or with daily wear,” she said.

And no age bar to enjoy her collection as her target buyers are “people who want to make a statement and be different”.

“My range cuts across all age groups… its timeless! My jewellery is meant for every woman who yearns to be different,” she added.

The collection begins at the price range of Rs.3,800 and is available at the designer’s store.

Source: IANS