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Indian Women Feminine and Strong: Diana Hayden

Former Miss World Diana Hayden (Photo: Wikipedia)
Former Miss World Diana Hayden (Photo: Wikipedia)

Former Miss World Diana Hayden (Photo: Wikipedia)
Former Miss World Diana Hayden (Photo: Wikipedia)
Kolkata: Indian women are feminine as well as strong at the same time, feels former Miss World Diana Hayden.

“Whenever I travel to the west, I see women are getting stronger but the femininity is not there. Never lose your femininity. We have that quality and we must hold onto that,” said Diana, who thinks that middle-class values are the best aspect of being an Indian.

The beauty queen sashayed into town, at the posh Park Street, to promote her book on grooming, titled “A Beautiful Truth: The Art of Grooming for Women”.

“The book gives a definitive guide on every aspect of grooming starting from body language to make-up. I have put all that I have learnt over the years into the book,” said the fashion icon about her book.

Well known for her grooming sessions and charity work, Diana felt most of the information available online about grooming, was not upto the mark and was misleading.

“Not everything that’s posted online is true. It is very difficult to distinguish what’s false and what’s true. Besides, they just skim the surface of the topics. So I thought why not compile everything that I have learnt and research further to give a detailed guide for women,” explained the pageant holder.

A product of painstaking effort, her book dedicated to women, took two and a half years to write.

“I sacrificed every single personal moment of mine. This is my baby,” said Diana with pride.

Next on the agenda is a grooming guide for men, revealed the multi-tasker.

“I dabble in a lot of things and after I finish promotions for this book, I will get onto it,” confirmed the former model.

Promising a lot more action on-screen, the privacy-loving Diana waxed eloquent about her next movie.

“I am very selective about my roles. But when I read the script of ‘Lorie/The Loving Doll’, I knew I had to do it. It is a supernatural themed movie and is based on a true story,” said Diana who has studied acting at Britain’s Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

The movie releases at the end of this year.

Having won the Femina Miss India contest in 1997, Diana was crowned Miss World 1997 at the age of 24.

Source: IANS