Popular Bollywood actor Govinda (Source: Wikipedia)
Popular Bollywood actor Govinda (Source: Wikipedia)
Mumbai: Popular actor Govinda has called on people in Maharashtra to stay within limits while celebrating Ganesh festival and avoid troubling anyone in the festive fervour.

“While enjoying, everyone should keep in mind that no one faces any trouble because of you. This celebratory mode excites a man and he tries to express his happiness in different ways,” the 48-year-old said here.

“But while doing so, don’t undress and dance, don’t blast off the loudspeaker, keep away from noisy firecrackers,” he added.

Ganesh festival, the main festival in western India, began Wednesday and is celebrated with great enthusiasm in the city, the entire coastal Konkan region and Pune.

Since last week, over 300,000 big and small idols started arriving in the city from artists’ studios in different parts of Mumbai and Raigad.

Source: IANS