Railway Minister Mukul Roy
Railway Minister Mukul Roy
New Delhi: The Trinamool Congress, which is to formally withdraw from the UPA Friday, announced it will launch countrywide protests against the government’s economic policies, especially FDI in multi-brand retail.

Announcing this here Friday, Trinamool leader Mukul Roy said, “We will launch a protest all over the country to protest the FDI. The manner in which they (government) have introduced FDI is absolutely unethical.”

Roy said, “On Dec 7, 2011, the leader of the house made a statement on the floor of parliament that FDI will be introduced through consensus.. we have not understood why the UPA government is in such a hurry to introduce it.”

The six ministers of Trinamool would hand over their resignations to the Prime Minister’s Office and then meet President Pranab Mukherjee to announce withdrawal of support to the UPA.

Roy said: “We will go to the PMO at 3 p.m. and hand over our resignation letters, and then go to meet the president at 4.30 p.m.”

Roy, who holds the railways ministry portfolio, said the countrywide protest would also be against the hike in diesel price, capping subsidised cooking gas cylinders as well the rise in fertilizer prices.

The six Trinamool ministers arrived in the capital to hand over the resignation letters, three days after the party dramatically announced it was quitting the UPA government over its economic policies.

Source: IANS