Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik
Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik
Bhubaneswar: In a recent letter to Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, Anti-corruption group Transparency International urged him to immediately declare the details of his assets and liabilities.

Biswajit Mohanty, a board member of the Indian chapter of the organisation, said Patnaik has not disclosed his assets and liabilities as on March 31, 2012, though the deadline for doing so expired on August 31, according to the code of conduct for ministers.

Apart from this Mohanty also urged Patnaik to direct his council of ministers to furnish their statements soon.

Citing the information posted on the government website Mohanty said, “None of his ministers have also done so. The website shows the previous year, that is March 31, 2011 statements, which need to be updated every year. Nine new ministers sworn in three months ago also have not disclosed any statements, thereby violating the code of conduct.”

“Every citizen has the right to know the details of assets and liabilities of each Minister of our state, which would promote transparency in government,” Mohanty added.

Unless and until such details are disclosed, it will be impossible for people to verify if there has been an abnormal and unexplained increase in the wealth of any minister.

The details to be disclosed shall consist of particulars of all immovable property and the total approximate value of shares and debentures, cash holdings and jewellery.

Source: 360 NS