Supreme Court of India, Source: Wikipedia
Supreme Court of India, Source: Wikipedia
New Delhi: The Supreme Court Wednesday said that the government will not disturb the retail price mechanism of essential drugs under the price control order while increasing the number of important medicines under the National List of Essential Drugs (NLED).

The apex court bench of Justice G.S. Singhvi and Justice S.J. Mukhopadhaya said this while chiding the government for taking long in finalising the list of essential medicines under the NLED.

By holding that it was not their job to run the government, the court wondered why things were unmoved for nine long years.

Acceding to the request of Additional Solicitor General Siddarth Luthra, the court gave the government seven days’ time to notify the NLED under the new price control order.

The court said that any further delay in the issuance of the NLED would compel it to pass directions to that effect.

The court urged the government to bring more essential medicines within the reach of the common man.

It also observed that the prices of the drugs were so high that it left the patient with either option – to die or buy medicines by selling one’s land or ornaments.

Source: IANS