Pakistani musician Adnan Sami
Pakistani musician Adnan Sami
New Delhi: Pakistani musician Adnan Sami, who was not seen on the music scene for some time, says that he was on a much needed break.

“When you are constantly working, it is very important that every artist takes some time off to refresh and reboot themselves,” he told.

After starting his career as a singer in 1991, Sami went on to sing popular movie songs like “Tu sirf mera mehboob”, “Aye udi udi udi”, “Ishq hota nahin sabhi ke liye” and “Gela gela gela”.

His last popular Bollywood song was “Noor-E-Khuda” for filmmaker Karan Johar’s 2010 movie “My Name Is Khan”. Later he sung for some low budget films and then disappeared from the scene.

The 39-year-old says every singer must take some time off to refuel himself.

“I just took off for sometime to absorb and to refuel. Now that I have done that, I have taken on few film projects as a composer,” he added.

He also feels one shold collaborate with other artists too as it helps in enhancing musical knowledge.

He himself collaborated with singers like Asha Bhosle, Zakir Hussain and international artist Jermaine Jackson in the past.

“I have worked with geniuses like Ashaji and it is great to collaborate with singers. People like Asha and Lataji (Mangeshkar) always enhance your music, which is a dream come true for any music composer,” said Adnan.

Talking about the trend of using meaningless lyrics in songs, he feels that the demand and taste of listeners cannot be ignored.

“I completely value the use of meaningful lyrics and ability of telling a story, but sometimes when I am composing music and doing my music, words don’t make any sense to me either.

“I don’t know why is this happening, but one has to remember we cannot deny it is worthy. We cannot say it is unacceptable. The numbers reflect that it is being accepted. I might personality not relate to it, but the fact is that it is there,” said Sami, who is known for his album songs like “Kabhi toh nazar milao”, “Tera chehra”, “Lift karadey” and “Bheegi bheegi raaton mein”.

After his last album “Ek Ladki Deewani Si” in 2009, he is ready with next album “Press play” and is upbeat about it.

“I am very excited about it because with the album, I am both singing and composing a Punjabi and Sufi track for the first time.

“There are romantic and fun tracks. So there is a whole bunch that I have got into. I have nurtured and savoured the experience of making a whole lot of album,” he said.

Source: IANS