Social Networking Major, Facebook
Social Networking Major, Facebook
London: An Indian-origin computer programmer in the US claims to have increased his productivity after he hired a woman to slap him in the face every time she catches him looking at Facebook.

Maneesh Sethi placed an advertisement on the classified website Craigslist to recruit someone willing to monitor what he was looking at on his laptop, Daily Mail reported.

The computer expert and writer, from San Francisco, now pays a female employee five pounds ($8) an hour for striking him in the face whenever she spots him wasting time on social media.

Sethi claims the unusual motivational system has helped him boost his productivity from just 35 percent to around 98 percent in a working day.

Writing on his blog, Sethi said he felt embarrassed after calculating he wasted around 19 hours every week looking at Facebook or other social media websites.

Source: IANS