Social activist turned politician Arvind Kejriwal
Social activist turned politician Arvind Kejriwal
New Delhi: Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh Saturday stepped up his attack on India Against Corruption (IAC) activist Arvind Kejirwal, asking him 27 questions but the IAC termed this a tactic to divert the people’s attention from cases of corruption.

Singh asked Kejriwal about foreign funding of an NGO with whom he is associated and violation of service rules while he was an Indian Revenue Service officer.

The Congress leader, who had Friday called Kejriwal a “self-serving ambitious megalomaniac with scant regard for democracy”, also asked him whey he “never raised” the issue of corruption in Bharatiya Janata Party-ruled states.

IAC however described the questions as diversionary tactics for switching the attention of the people from real issue of ever increasing corruption and the issues that affects their daily lives.

It said these questions will be placed before the people who would decide about them.

In his letter to Kejriwal, Digvijay Singh said that he had preached that politicians should not violate rules and regulations, “but to the best of my knowledge you have violated provisions of All India Service Rules yourself”.

He also asked the activist if he would resign from the IAC and give up public life if his colleagues in the NGO were found to have been involved in irregularities.

Singh sought to know why there were no details of individual donors and corporate donors on any website of his NGOs, and if NGO Kabir, with whom Kejriwal wase closely associated, received $172,000 in 2005 and $197,000 in 2008 from Ford Foundation.

“Was this foreign money used to organise seminars, advocacy, discussions, programmes, social media campaigns and publicity material related to the issue of corruption?” he asked.

He also sought to know Kejriwal’s “relationship with US-based NGO Avaaz, which has been funding civil disobedience movement in Libya, Tunisia, Egypt and Syria?”

“What is the logistical and other support your anti-corruption movement received from Avaaz. Is it a fact you had announced to lead a Tahrir Square like movement in Delhi?” Singh asked.

Taking on Kejriwal for his demand for resignation of Law Minister Salman Khurshid, Singh said the activist “never objected when Anna (Hazare) said that he cannot be held responsible for the action of colleagues/office-bearers in his anti-corruption movement even after a probe panel’s findings.

Singh said while Kejriwal has been pressing for Jan Lokpal from the central government, he had not questioned Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, “who has successfully blocked appointment of Lokayuktas in Gujarat since 2002”.

He also raised questions about Kejriwal’s service in the Indian Revenue Service, asking if he and his wife, who is also in the IRS, had never served outside Delhi.

Kejriwal was also asked if he did not join office after being transferred to Chandigarh, then sought voluntary retirement from service and even without it being approved, absented from office.

Among the other questions were on charges of misappropriation of funds collected in the anti-corruption stir.

Reacting to the questions, an India Against Corruption (IAC) statement said that the reply to them was available with the various government ministries and departments.

Attacking the Congress leader, the IAC said that it was significant to note who was asking question from Kejriwal. “It is the same Digvijay Singh who had described Anna Hazare a RSS agent, defended the loot by Robert Vadra and DLF and one who refuses to accept that coalgate and 2G was a scam.”

Source: IANS