Anna Hazare (Source: Wikipedia)
Anna Hazare (Source: Wikipedia)
Ralegan Siddhi: Veteran activist Anna Hazare Thursday said India Against Corruption leader Arvind Kejriwal may never want to be wealthy, but he is not above being lured by power.

“There is a feeling of sacrifice in him (Kejriwal), he does not think about his family as much as he thinks about the country and society. He does not have greed for money, but now after going to politics another kind of greed… I mean he will not become a minister himself…” Anna Hazare said in an interview to NDTV.

Asked if Kejriwal may end up being greedy for power, Anna Hazare said: “It is possible, but he has no other greed.”

Referring to the recent exposes by Kejriwal against various politicians, Anna Hazare said he must take up the allegations one by one, and take each charge to its logical conclusion rather than charging all political leaders one after another.

“You don’t have to catch every one at the same time. Catch them one by one. I sent home six ministers, so catch them one by one,” he said.

Anna Hazare led the anti-graft movement, demanding the Janlokpal bill, in which Kejriwal was among his colleagues.

When Kejriwal announced the formation of a political party, Anna Hazare snapped ties with him.

Source: IANS