Defence Minister A.K. Antony (Photo: Wikipedia)
Defence Minister A.K. Antony (Photo: Wikipedia)
New Delhi: Defence Minister A.K. Antony Saturday said that the country needs to build capacity in research institutions working in key areas like defence which will help in enhancing strategic planning for the future.

“India will have to build and invest judiciously in its research institutions, as strategic thinking is crucial for planning for the future,” Antony said in his address at the 48th foundation day of Institute of Defence Studies and Analysis (IDSA) here.

“Today, think-tanks are playing an increasingly important role the world over, in creating more awareness about the changing geopolitical environment and generating alternate policy options,” he said.

According to Antony, research institutes working in the key areas like defence studies also provides a platform to discuss the emerging trends and exchange of views on the current policy.

“Through Track II dialogue, reports, research articles, high profile conferences and seminars, think tanks can enrich and inform policy debate,” he said.

Antony further said that the world in present times is interested in knowing India’s views on emerging challenges and for this purpose it is important to develop and maintain key institutes like IDSA.

“The external world would like to know about what we think, what our policies are and how we propose to meet with the growing challenges on the political, economic and security front,” Antony added.

Source: IANS