House of Marley audio products (Photo: IANS)
House of Marley audio products (Photo: IANS)
New Delhi: Audio products from the House of Marley are making their foray in India. The range embodies legendary musician Bob Marley’s vision of equality, unity, sustainability and charity, says his son Rohan.

Carrying forward his father’s vision and principles on behalf of the Marley family, Rohan is a former football player and entrepreneur.

The House of Marley collection ranges from in-ear and on-ear headphones to portable speaker docks, and will be retailed in India through Focal Audio Systems Pvt Ltd.

“All of these products are made of sustainable materials, without compromising on the superior quality of sound and design. The collection is sure to conquer the heart of real music lovers in India and create trendy, fashionable statements,” Rohan told.

The audio products are priced between Rs.1,999 to Rs.25,999.

House of Marley headphones are currently available at select retailers in over 30 countries across Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America, North America and the Middle East.

In India, the brand is available in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Bangalore, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

The plan is to expand the reach. In the next 18 months, House of Marley expects to have retail distribution in about 30 more countries, said Rohan.

Rohan, who is among Bob Marley’s 11 children, also says that “a portion of the proceeds will be given back through to approved charities.” The Marley family created in the year 2010. It funds and markets other charities.

Source: IANS