Artistes performing on the concluding day of the Gotipua Dance Festival at Rabindra Mandap, Bhubaneswar on Saturday
Artistes performing on the concluding evening of the Gotipua Dance Festival at Rabindra Mandap, Bhubaneswar on Saturday
The three-day long Gotipua Dance Festival came to an end on Saturday, with an exciting evening, which transformed the Gotipua idioms to a high level of spiritual and aesthetic experience to be cherished by each and every one who had the opportunity to witness this memorable festival.

The concluding evening featured the scintillating performances by three Gotipua groups namely, Natyambar from Dimirisena, Brahmagiri; Orissa Dance Akademi, Gotipua Gurukul, Dhauli and Laxmipriya Gotipua Nrutyakendra, Balipatna.

The concluding item of the evening, which added the flavor to the taste was the Jaga Akhada Sangeet, a typical group singing nurtured in the gymnasiums at different streets of Puri.

The evening started with Guruvandana– an invocatory piece in praise of the Guru by the artists of Natyambar, followed by Badya Pallavi and Swara Pallavi, pure dance items normally performed by the Gotipuas. In Abhinnaya , the dancers performed on the song “Aaji Mu Dekhili Ghanshyamaku” followed by the acrobatic skills called Bandha Nrutya. The small boys of Dimirisena, presented the typical nuances of Gotipua dance, much to the joy and ecstasy of the audience.

Next, the Gotipua artists of Orissa Dance Akademi Gotipua Gurukula, Dhauli began their programme with Sa Re Ga Ma Pallavi, followed by three Abhinnayas on songs “Dekha Go Radha Madhaba Chali”, “Bitilata Jamini” and “Sukumari Ange Kalasa”. The spellbinding Abhinaya by the Gotipua Duos on the song “Bitilata Jamini” was indeed amazing which mesmerized the audience who were deeply engrossed for a while. The last item in the repertoire was Bandha Nrutya, which was elegantly executed with ease and precision.

The artistes of Laxmipriya Gotipua Nrutyakendra, started with Panchadeva Stuti, followed by Pallavi and then two Abhinnayas, “Na Tejibi Muralidhara” and “Janaka Maharishi Hasina Kahanti”. They ended their programme with Bandha Nrutya, displaying some beautiful formations.

The three-day festival vibrated with colour, rhythm and grandeur, regaled the audience, who responded overwhelmingly to this beautifully designed and orchestrated performance with a befitting ambience of Pattachitra at the backdrop. The scintillating Abhinnayas, mostly related to Krishna Leela, with pure dance movements, kept the visitors spellbound for the three days leaving an indelible imprint in their minds to wait for another one year.

The dignitaries who graced the evening were Prof. Amiya Pattnaik, Vice Chancellor, Utkal University of Culture, Dr. Priyambada Mohanty Hejmadi, Eminent Odissi Dance Exponent and Former Vice Chancellor, Sambalpur University, Shri Ashok Kumar Tripathy, Principal Secretary, Tourism & Culture, Shri Sushil Kumar Das, Director, Culture; Smt. Arati Mishra, Eminent Singer, Shri Batakrushna Tripathy, Former IG Police, Guru Ratikanta Mohapatra, Director, Srjan and Prof. Ramahari Das, Chief Executive Odissi Research Centre.