Anna Hazare (Source: Wikipedia)
Anna Hazare (Source: Wikipedia)
New Delhi: The time has come to dismiss parliament, anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare said Tuesday while announcing a nationwide tour against the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government and graft.

“I will start nationwide tour against government and corruption from Jan 30 from Patna district of Bihar,” Hazare told reporters here.

“Our movement against corruption will continue for the next 25 years,” he said.

“I am waiting for 2014 elections, if Jan Lokpal does not come in parliament, I will go for another agitation,” Hazare said.

His new office of the movement will be inaugurated Jan 12, the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekanand, at Ralegan Siddhi in Maharashtra. On the same day, he will call 1,000 youths across the nation and take oath to convene the movement till the end.

Hazare’s tour will be in order to awaken the people against the government and erupting corruption.

“The time has came to dismiss parliament. People sitting in parliament are allowing foreign countries to come to the Indian market,” he said.

The parliamentarians are not following the constitution. They are dividing the people in the name of elections, Hazare said.

About his team, he said the core committee is yet to be finalized and he has 90 people in the selection list.

Hazare was discharged Monday from the Medanta Medicity Hospital in Delhi’s suburban Gurgaon in neighbouring Haryana, where he was admitted after he complained of acidity and stress.

Source: IANS