New Delhi: The young woman who was tortured and gang-raped four days ago was conscious and in stable condition Thursday, doctors said.

But they warned that there was still danger of infection setting in during the next few days.

“She continues to be in stable condition,” B.D. Athani, medical superintendent at the Safdarjung Hospital, told reporters. “She is alert, conscious. She is making an attempt to breathe on her own.”

Added another doctor: “She is fighting it out.”

Calling her a “brave girl,” Athani said she had withstood a lot of suffering in the last few days and had undergone two surgeries since her admission Sunday night.

The doctor said she was still on ventilator support. However, “her vital parameters are within expected normalcy”.

The victim, who was interning as a physiotherapist at a hospital here, had her intestines removed in a two-hour surgery Wednesday as they were susceptible to gangrene.

The victim, whose name is being withheld, was brutally assaulted in a moving bus Sunday night. Her male friend who tried to save her was beaten by the rapists. Both were dumped by the roadside after some 40 minutes.

Police have arrested four of the six suspects and are looking for the two who are on the run.

Source: IANS