By Arvind Padmanabhan

New Delhi: On board Air India One, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Saturday said while he is open to any public scrutiny into his conduct in office, the opposition too must give him a chance to hear him out.

“I try to answer all questions that have been raised. I have no desire to hide anything from Parliament, whether it is the coal matter, or other matters,” the prime minister said while speaking to journalists on his way back from St. Petersburg after attending the G20 Summit.

“I have been as forthright as I can. I made a long statement on the coal matters, in the previous session of parliament. I was not allowed to read that statement, but I did issue that statement. It is a public document,” he said.

“So I am an open book,” he replied to a question whether he himself had sufficiently answered the many questions raised by the opposition about his and his government’s conduct.

“I have not prevented anybody from looking at my conduct.”

Source: IANS