Pep up Yoga Outfits
Pep up Yoga Outfits (Photo: IANS)
New Delhi: Trying to get back into shape by doing yoga? Slip into clothes that will move with your body with ease without killing your style.

Urban Yoga has come up with a new line titled Dry Fresh Collection and Warm Ups.

Dry collection keeps you dry as you twist and bend during yoga. It lets your body breathe. Pair up a blue Dry fresh t-shirt with grey yoga bottoms. The range costs between Rs.899 and Rs.1,999, said a statement.

Warm Ups collection has 100 percent cotton sweaters and velour jackets with bottoms. Velour fabric is so soft that you can stretch easily while exercising. The collection is priced between Rs.1,199 and Rs.1,799.

Source: IANS