New Delhi: The standard of English education can be brought to the helm if children in India, instead of being taught English only as a subject, are taught in English throughout their academic curriculum, an NGO said Wednesday.

The study by Pratham, a non-governmental organisation, said that though more than 4,40,000 children in India can access proper English education, their perfection level in the subject was only 20 percent of the total population that can access English.

“There is an immediate need for the Indian education system to take initiatives to bring reforms in the way English is being taught in the country,” the report said.

As per the facts mentioned in the survey, the students, though pursuing their education in English, are not able to read English terminologies properly.

In comparison to the understanding level of English, Indian students stand far behind compared to the standards of students abroad.

Partially blaming teachers’ efforts in Indian schools, the survey said the way Indian teachers teach English should be relevant to the students.

“The focus on quality of technique is also equally important as the quality of the teacher,” the survey said.

Source: IANS