Bhubaneswar: In a bid to provide the people of Odisha green, fresh and healthy vegetables through an Integrated Communication Technology based distribution retail chain, State Agriculture Department in association with VeggieKart Marketing Pvt. Ltd (an initiative by eKutir Rural Management Services Pvt Ltd and MGM Agri-ventures) have launched VeggieKart Distribution System and an online vegetable purchasing platform.

Through the Veggie Kart, consumers can order vegetables online. The Veggie Wheel is the distribution retail chain which will engage the urban poor and unemployed youth for the distribution of vegetables.

VeggieKart Marketing Pvt Ltd an initiative by eKutir Rural Management Services, along with promoters MGM Agriventures is taking a pioneer step in this sector by starting a vegetable marketing initiative under the brand names Veggie Kart, Veggie Wheel, Veggie Mart and Veggie Lite.

The objective of this initiative is to develop a symbiotic relationship between the consumers and farmers, wherein the consumers will get good quality vegetables and fruits and there is a rise in the overall income of farmers. The new system will completely eliminate the role of middlemen from the value chain.

Further it also aims at organising the otherwise disorganised sector of vegetable selling by bringing in the sellers under the brand banner of Veggie Kart which in turn will help these sellers to increase their sales.

The Veggie Mart is the brand value that will be given to the unorganised sector and the Veggie Lite is the kiosks that shall be put up for selling vegetables for the poor people in both urban and rural areas.

Source: IANS