Beijing: Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Hong Lei has strongly refuted Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s recent remarks on China’s East China Sea Air Defence Identification Zone.

Hong Saturday expressed China’s strong anger over the Japanese leader for his malicious slander against China in the international arena, reported Xinhua, citing a Chinese foreign ministry press release.

During a recent summit between Japan and Southeast Asian countries, Abe criticised China for its “unilateral action” to change the situation in the East China Sea and said China’s air defence zone is unjust violation of the freedom of aviation over the high seas.

Hong reiterated China’s stance on the Diaoyu Islands and slammed Japan’s unilateral actions to provoke disputes since last year.

China’s necessary measures to safeguard its sovereignty is in accordance with law and irreproachable, Hong said.

As a defensive measure to safeguard national air security, the establishment of the East China Sea Air Defence Identification Zone is in line with international law and practice, Hong added.

Source: IANS